Hi, I’m Nick 👋🏼

I’ve started four SaaS companies such as Whoisvisiting, launched agency BEAF, and won U.K. Entrepreneur of the Year Award for my first ever business in 2007 (plus lots in between). Here’s me on Fox News, Fast Company, and BBC.

I’m currently building Drag, a Techstars backed company, and Founder Content (where founders give a s#*t about other founders). Drag is the first capital-backed venture, everything else has been self-funded.

Along with two kids, one partner (in work and life), and a bundle of enthusiasm, I am learning to code in my spare time (for the past three years 😅) to build free tools to help other Founders crush it. I’m dabbling with Row, and coming soon, Moment – a rethink on Founders achieving mental health as a team.

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