How to know if your startup idea is good?

By April 24, 2018MVP

🚀🚀🚀How to know if your startup idea is good? 🚀🚀🚀

Inside Scoop, Inside Drag: Episode 001 | March 2017

We have an idea to make email into organized lists, just like Trello. It’s been done in the sales industry with Pipedrive, it’s been done in the Project Management industry with Trello and Asana and it’s been done in the Software space with Atlassian (Jira) and Pivotal Tracker. No-one has done it in email… or so we thought.

Here’s a week-long qualification on how we identified if our startup is a good idea.

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Video Timestamps
1:12 Create an idea quickly
1:18 Google your idea
1:50 FrontApp competitor
2:42 Yesware competitor
3:04 Sortd competitor
3:38 How valuable is the competition?

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