How can SaaS tools help your company with Lead Generation?

By March 10, 2017Startup Life

Interviewed by Carl Benfield of Twentisphere.

Twentisphere podcast. How can SaaS tools help your company with Lead Generation?

So what does it take to grow a portfolio of businesses from ‘Idea to $10M a year’? We love hearing our guests Big Hairy Audacious Goals – and this is a big one. Host Carl Benfield talks to Nick Timms – a multipreneur who builds SaaS tech companies. Using learning from previous business projects, Nick is pursuing his goal, with a degree of laser focus that will inspire you to look again at your processes – and your personal role in your organisation.

What now?

Here’s my SaaS products. We’ve got a great team working hard to make these even more awesome and I’m sharing the entire journey along the way.

Whoisvisiting – Identify B2B visitors on your website. – Sales prospecting tool made simple and in scale.
ReplyUp – Super-simple Gmail plugin for automated, personalized email followups.

Any questions or comments, give me a nudge and I’ll be there to answer them.

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Nick Timms

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I’ve started three SaaS companies, Whoisvisiting, and ReplyUp, agencies BEAF and Clicks and random things such as launch Eden's Paper. Sharing all my life lessons in building startups. Want to get in touch with me to speak?

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