Hey, I’m Nick ūüôā

Here’s what I’ve done for my companies. I can do the same for you.

In under 4 years, I’ve built software companies, Drag, Whoisvisiting¬†and ReplyUp. I’ve¬†launched agencies BEAF and Clicks and now a newbie to the table is Now. All this has been done using the same repeatable strategies.

I can do all of the below extremely well. Can I help you?

Need to build a product MVP, fast?

I’ve built 4 SaaS products (and have the grey hairs to prove it).

Building products can be hard – you can get it wrong a lot, before you get it right. There are a number of ways to build, test and plan your product technically for growth (or pivot if required). An optimal way so to speak. I have failed over and over before building in the correct way. I consult and help build product MVP’s.

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Want 1.9m. page views in a day?

Yes, you’ve read that right – I worked out how to get featured by Google.

Growing your revenue is about slow, incremental channels that are proven. There’s also something to be said for smashing marketing channels that can give you thousands of users in days. We’ve done that with Google Chrome store (twice). There’s a science to it. I consult on strategies to reach large volumes of users through third party channels such as Google Chrome store.

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Want to get top on Product Hunt over and over?

My products landed as featured every time I launched on Product Hunt.

Product Hunt is another example of marketing channels that can deliver thousands of users in a day. It’s not just for acquiring users – it’s one of the best ways to qualify your product.¬†I consult on strategies to reach large volumes of users through third party channels such as Product Hunt.

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Love Mashable, LifeHacker and Google to talk about you?

I have proactively (and successfully) reached out to big names to get my products exposed to the masses.

PR is free, it delivers new users and is rocket-fuel for your SEO. Your product needs to have product-market fit and be well-timed. After that, there are repeatable ways to scale your PR and get the big names on your brand. I consult on targeting PR, marketing outreach and getting deals over the line.

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Want Hubspot, Salesforce and Uber signed up on your launch day?

I have brought on big brand names to start using my products when they launched.

Big names bring more big names. Paying users is what matters. Getting Enterprise accounts is worlds apart from the startup space you may know better. I consult on ways to get big names through the door from day one.

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Need to build a remote team that can scale?

I have built remote teams in Brazil, Mexico, India and Japan.

Remote vs. internal is always a debate. The answer is sometimes it’s right for your product, other times it’s not. I consult on the best commercial decisions to build a remote team, and if right, consult on finding the right people and building¬† a scalable structure.

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Something else?

I have been doing this for years across 4 SaaS products. There’s loads more for me to learn too. Ask me.

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